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Brendon O'Halloran

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I’m a believer in doing what you love , so my work is my passion.

It keeps me inspired and the creativity flowing.


I enjoy taking on projects that employ my creative skills in both the management and hands on aspects.

I’m happy to take on a variety of styles and enjoy the challenge of bringing others visions to life while adding my touch to the project.


My specialties and loves are creating cool spaces/structures/objects with reclaimed materials, project problem solving, and functional designs that have a great aesthetic.

I get great satisfaction seeing people stoked on the finished project.


A little background

       I grew up in Los Angeles and Hawaii
and that gave me love for both industrial and natural settings.
This influenced my style as a builder and artist. In 1998 I
moved to Topanga Canyon to be in nature and live under a
tree. I have been active in Art, Music and Creating since I can
remember. I have been self employed doing construction, tree
houses, tiny homes, art cars for burning man, remodelling
airstreams and working in the film industry as a union
carpenter/art department. I like to change things up regularly

Feel free to drop a line and say hi.

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