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Big Sur

This map and art was done for a brochure my friend Weston Call commisioned when he started the Big Sur shuttle service, filling the need of the community after the big mud slide took out the bridge and separated the town. Weston tragically passed away in 2018 and this map has a special place in my heart for an amazing dear friend.  


My next door neighbor was a famous boat builder by the name of  Warren Seaman.(yes his real name), Warren designed and built the popular Malibu outrigger in the 70's and co-designed and drafted the Hokulea in Hawaii. He sailed the Mid pac race from california to hawaii every year and before he passed away at 83 he gave me a box of charts. This map is one of those charts.  I added my own touch by antiquing it and adding some elements like the ship and seamonster. A tribute to old man Warren.

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